A day in the life...


The staff are ready to welcome the children from 8.45 and are greeted with a big, welcoming, smile. They wash their hands on arrival and a staff member completes the safeguarding record of who has dropped the child off and who will be picking them up, and at what time. The childrens temperatures are recorded on entry to check for any possibility of cross infection. 

The activities are set out for the children to participate in, the activities are both child led and adult initiated, 

We have a group time at 10am where the children listen for their names as the register is called and we take this time to share and take turns in listening to others and then taking turns to talk.

We continue to play, read a story or sing and then 4 children are chosen to wash their hands for snack. This could be crackers, breadsticks, scotch pancakes, crisps, cereal, toast, sandwich, a biscuit or wobbly jelly. Fruit is available everyday and 1/3 pint of milk daily. All dietary requirements are discussed with parents and taken into consideration.

Each child has a name plate which they post in the red box to 'pay' for their snack. The children eat their snack in a small group of 4 at a time to promote confidence in speaking in a small group. Manners are promoted at this time. The children wash their hands after eating and continue in their free flow playing. If the child has  a specific interest, then the staff plan for this to encourage the individual to take their interest further and enhance their learning.

After snack, we tidy up; caring for our resources we use our outdoors for physical play, cars, tractors, balls, hoops, playhouse, balancing beam, digging area….. and we play outdoors until lunch time.


The children can bring a healthy packed lunch or order one of the healthy and yummy school lunches. (See example school menu)

After lunch children wash their hands and then go to find a book and share stories with each other. We encourage them to ‘read’ from the pictures and find familiar letters in the books. We then go outdoors again for more fresh air and exercise after eating our lunch.

On coming back in the children wash their hands, the register is taken and the afternoon activities are explained. 

The children have free flow of what activities they choose. They can interact with planned activities:

- maths table

- creative table

- mark making area

- construction area

- funky fingers area (fine motor skills)
- tuff tray 

There is an afternoon snack time then the children gather up their belongings and get ready for home, they sit on the carpet area for a story or singing and leave when the member of staff calls their name as their parent/ carer arrives at the gate.