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We pride ourselves on creating a vibrant, creative and nurturing environment with happy children. We promote learning through play, challenges, discussion and exploring our environment. 

Our team of qualified and highly experienced staff aim to inspire the children to thrive and reach their full potential by exploring and discovering the world around them. 

We aim to give our children a passion to find out more, a resilience to keep on trying and belief in themselves.

The values that underpin our approach to learning include a celebration of individuality and self expression, encouraging sharing, cooperation, consideration and mutual respect.

The small class sizes are hugely beneficial for children, not only educationally as they receive a lot of time and attention, but, also socially as they build trusting relationships with staff and each other. As we are all in one room the older children are good role models to the younger children; helping them with their daily routines and the younger children copy the older children which helps them become familiar with our routines.

We pride ourselves on engaging with our school families and develop close, healthy and positive relationships.

We offer an 'open door' policy to communication, we are always available and ready to listen and support you. We have multiple ways of reaching out (2 way, parent share) via our Evidence Me app, regular newsletters and online news updates; we have a closed Facebook group accessible to all parents and their family and also a Facebook page. 

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